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Senior Social Network

Bon Jour Club – A social networking for Haitian Seniors and other community members to meet and expand their horizons. Bon Jour Group meets weekly every Thursday at the Huntington Senior Citizen Center in Huntington, New York. This is social outlet for mutual support, diversion, fun and new learning, and acculturation to lifestyle of the United States. Celebrations of Haitian Cultural activities as well as American Cultural activities are scheduled consistently throughout the year. Joint activities are shared in the Huntington Senior – participation in holiday activities of the Huntington Senior Center. Bon Jour Club attends the annual gala senior dinner, and others special programs on health and managing self-care. Bon Jour Annual Celebration Dinner occurs at the end of the year in December whereas senior members and their families join together for an enjoyable evening of relaxation with dining, entertainment, and gift exchange.

Bon Jour Social Network Visits; Bon Jour Club provides monthly visits to those seniors who are homebound or has an episodes of illness. Bon Jour Club also makes weekly calls to seniors who missed the weekly meeting as a source of emotional support and caring concern.

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